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The roof of a house is a factor to be looked at from two different perspectives: utility and aesthetics. From the shape and the material it's made ​​to the color, the roof is an integral part of the identity of the house and is the one that complements the style and ambiance of a building.

Metigla roofing system from Coilprofil has valences needed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of both utility and aesthetics.

Metigla roofs benefits

Durable - the metal tiles roofing system reliability is ensured by the quality of raw materials and especially of the zinc layer protection.

Completely - Coilprofil provide the client a full range of products necessary for the roof.

Aesthetic - the client can choose a color from a large pallet of 23 shades. The Metigla roofing system has 15 glossy colors and  8 matt colors.

Structural advantages - the low weight of the roofing system and because are made to the ordered size, allows a quick and easy assembly. Low weight of the roofing system has favorable effects on the building structure and reducing its cost.